They say you need to be bored to find creative thoughts! And I am now a true believer. I had a full knee replacement at the begining of March. It allowed me a lot of rest and sit time. I took off two month from teaching and I have to admt I have not giving it much thught at all. I am now having this delightful schedule of drinking my coffee in bed for as much time as I want in the morning, unless I have PT in the morning. I've allowed myself nap time when I have to ice up my knee throughout the day. I've become a bit obsess with the Patty Duke show as well as watching Hazel. I've made myself draw just about everyday and I've started to tur these drawings into a new line titled non-bird sketches.  They are inspired by my mid-century living room I've been spending tons of time in. Cannot wait to get these out. I'll be premiering them at my next 

 in May. Till working on the series and price points!