When I started jennyjen42,a decade ago,  I started with my narrative bird pillows. I had moved out of a concrete urban area of Baltimore City to a beautiful Stone House in a planned housing development in Baltimore City that was built in the late 30's. I had a lovely yard that had a Mulberry tree in the backyard. My first years there, the tree grew tons of mulberries. More than I could handle and the berries would ferment before they would fall off the tree. I would have these amazing bird parties in my back yard! Cardinals, finches, cat birds, and crows. Add some squirrels and a racoon or two and that was a constant party for a small time . My cats and I were completely obsessed with watching them and checking out their personalities. Hence my bird party pillow series.  I was highly influenced by Charlie Harper's illustrations and the lush colors of the high quality  felt that I found. 

 I haven't made these for a bit, but I have them on my wholesale line sheet. I just got an amazing order for 8 pillows all from this time period. I had a great time making these and think in these days we could use a little happiness to spread around. So look for more of these this season with new bird parties to come!!