Why I Put a Bird on it!

Jennyjen42 is a unique line of handmade gifts that are fresh, practical and have a fun sense of spirit and nostalgia to them. The “jenny” of my business name refers to my childhood self . The cut felt birds and fabrics that play with whimsy. The “Vintage Inspired” organic cotton fabrics I use to create functional products that reflect the nostalgic of its design, such as the felt lined, fabric eyeglass case or zipper pouch. The “jen” of my business is the serious birder and observer that proves I know birds and plants with my observational drawing skills. I am a painter turned textile artist. I’ve discovered my mark making comes alive when using my sewing machine. Using my machine as a drawing tool, not a computer program, I see my subjects come alive with intensity and personality. My subjects speak of my observations of the natural world that tend to get ignored: the birds that inhabit my urban home, and edible plants that are commonly mistaken as weeds, such as dandelions. Regarding my bird portraits, I wanted them to feel like family portraits that can be arranged to create a narrative of subtle expressive reactions and silent dialogue. Each portrait is created freehand on the sewing machine. Drawing each mark, value and detail by manipulating the canvas under the moving needle. Each has a final result of a line drawing but with a more labor intensive method that I chose as a dedication towards their preservation.