Why I Put a Bird on it!

On numerous days, I walk to my studio in Baltimore, MD through a treasured wooded pathway, listening to the bird stories and surrounding urban sounds .These sweet sounds and thoughts are the inspirations for my daily creations that I create in my historical mill space. I use felt for color and my sewing machine as my drawing tool to add line, values and details. I have to be working with my hands. I believe in working on a skill or craft – not about programming a machine to do the work for me. I use the sewing machine as a drawing tool.
    All products are made with my own patterns and original designs. All one at a time. Most of my work has a functional component that also relate to the nostalgic aesethetic of its design. I choose to keep my business small and sustainable with small batch, high quality and eco-friendly materials and production.

jennyjen42 sells wholesale and would love to send her birds out into your shop!! Please contact her for her updated line sheet and whole sale policy!